Something major happened here, on the 5 south, as we headed in the opposite direction to see Irv, knowing that this may be the very last time we see him. 
 The ubiquitous summer fog, dwarfing the city, welcomed us in. 
02_IRV_06_bay bridge_GOOD.jpg
 Irv's place on the 18th floor of Fox Plaza, San Francisco.
Irving David Spivak
 What we've seen through his telescope deserves at the very least xxx rating. 
07_IRV_My View.jpg
 The medicinal herb was, arguably, Irv's oldest friend. 
 As much as we craved to see the city, we spent all of our time inside with Irv, watching Lewis Black comedy specials, laughing our asses off, as was the usual vibe when visiting Irv. 
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